A 96 minute original theatrical film

Completion: May, 2002

The beautiful Cuban-born but New York-raised pastry chef Lena Oscar has her life change dramatically as she loses her job, home, family and long-standing love in a fell swoop.

Lena's long time flame, the ambitious Julian finds new love and aspirations. He tosses Lena out of his life, and disenfranchises her from his family, the very family that took her in as a once orphan delivered by the beaches of Cuba at the age of three. Locked from her upper west-side apartment, she finds at her door a mysterious package sent to her from Cuba. There's more bad news learning from her StepMother of her true Father's death, a Father she never really knew. She finds mementos from Cuba, from the life she never knew, wrapped in small plain-wrap package. Photos, charms and an old pocket watch soon connect her to a beautiful and mysterious place in time located somewhere by the sea.

Lena is drawn to an old beachside resort in Rhode Island, called Ocean Inn. Taking on the job of Chef's assistant, she is part of the pre-season crew prepping the Ocean Inn, outrageous continental Chef Steve Toscano, unrelenting Chief of Staff Zelda, Italian Kitchen Assistants Massamo and Michaelangelo, and the shy but handsome Zen-devotee, the Maintenance Man, Nate Manning.

Lena and Nate find a simple but strong attraction for each other as day by day Lena's visions of the past become more powerful and vivid, all triggered by the reverse ticking of her Father's old memento - the watch. She is mysteriously visited by the ghost of a turn-of-the-century baseball player named Blue, who speaking to her in Lena's native Cuban tongue relates to the pressing matters of her heart.

Featuring hit songs from Cuban a cappella group Vocal Sampling and Gloria Estefan, By The Sea is a light-hearted and sweet, poetic and life-affirming story that pounds in the breast of every human being who has ever felt the power of timeless connections, as well as sensed the mystery and magic of the world of chance and coincidence.

Dean Huh (Hasty Pudding Awards/ Showtime, Command Performance, April In Paris)
Dean W. Barnes (Mission: Impossible (series), Joy In Mudville)

Dean W. Barnes ( 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, M.A.N.T.I.S., American Gothic)

Elena Aaron Robert Pemberton Tori Davis
Christopher Rivaro Jimmy Tingle Tony V